The Work

Andy’s artistic work reflects the modern world around him. He doesn’t believe in the dividing lines between fine art and craft, street art and museum art. It is the age of fusion and his work invariably reflects this reality.  He works with traditional materials and old processes but also makes work with the help of computers. Some days he is restoring an old monument, other days designing a brand new one.

Andy designs and makes work that is both relevant and beautiful in an age of constant change and flux.


Andy Mitchell studied sculpture at St Martins London during the 70’s. He now works as a sculptor and bronze founder, working from a studio and foundry at his home in Hereford. He is a highly recognised expert on the conservation and restoration of metal sculpture and architectural metalwork. He was responsible for the restoration of all the metal sculptures on the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park, London, winning a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Building Conservation Award for his work. Major clients include English Heritage, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, The National Trust, Historic England, Royal Parks and the British Museum. He has also made works for numerous international private clients. He is a Brother of the Art Workers Guild and an accredited member of ICON

Andy Mitchell Sculptures

Andy Mitchell Sculptures offers a range of design and sculpture services including full restoration, part restoration, consultancy, casting, and original commissions. Andy casts in lead, bronze, aluminium and brass using traditional investment casting, all from his home studio and foundry. 

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